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Advantages of Custom Cable Assembly

Cable assemblies consist of several electrical wires arranged into a single unit for enhanced safety and organization. As you are already aware, these cable harness assemblies come in handy in various indoor and outdoor settings ranging from electronic appliances to ...

How to Inspect Electronics for Counterfeit Components

Nowadays, electronics are everywhere to provide ease to everyone in the household or workplace. However, it’s quite disappointing when these electronics are made of counterfeit parts imposing possible hazards to consumers.   It has been a withstanding problem in the ...

Aerospace PCB Assembly & Design

The construction of printed circuit boards is essential to ensure that the digital devices connected are functioning correctly – it serves as a bridge for electrical signals to pass through different mechanisms. As the building block of contemporary electrical appliances, ...

PCB Fabrication Techniques

Printed circuit boards are a vital component in today’s machine-dominated society. Aside from serving as a base for modern devices, it also functions as a bridge for electrical signals to pass through connected devices. A great PCB design allows a ...

Press-Fit Technology

A press-fit connection refers to the fastening of two automotive parts into a printed circuit board (PCB) without using solder joints. It comprises two types of pins that are pressed into the PCB. These include the compliant pin that consist ...


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