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Manual vs. Automated PCB Assembly

An assembly line is one of the vital sections of any manufacturing process. Almost all electrical and mechanical components pass through this section before the final product is released.   Over the years, the PCB assembly service has gone through ...

Top EMI and RF Shielding Methods for PCB

Custom flex PCBs may be able to withstand high temperatures but remain bafflingly susceptible to Electromagnetic waves and Radio Frequency Interference. Although these are not enough to damage a typical Flex PCB, they can cause many problems. The most common ...

Why IPC Standards for PCB Manufacturing Are Important

A printed circuit board (PCB) is crucial for many electronic devices since it enhances their performance. However, the quality of the PCB used have direct proportional to the quality of the device. Therefore, manufacturers know the significance of maintaining quality ...

Top Things You Should Know About RoHS Compliant Circuit Boards

Are you new to the area of RoHS compliant printed circuit boards (PCBs)? Perhaps you are an experienced user? Regardless, this article should help bring you up to speed on what RoHS compliant PCBs are and how they can affect ...

Flying Probe Test vs In-Circuit Test

When it comes to PCB testing during manufacturing, two of the most common types of tests are flying probes and in-circuit. These two tests are similar in that they both create an electrical signal to test the board, but they ...


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