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Overview of the PCB Prototype Quote Process

When it comes to deals being made between manufacturers and their clients, quoting is an important part of this process. However, when it comes to your average PCB Prototype Quoting experience, it always pays to brush up on what’s involved.

Before quoting occurs, the client and the manufacturer both have to consider different factors, which can eat up valuable time. Today we’re offering a simplified overview of your average quote process for PCB Prototype quoting so that you can reach an accurate quote that works for you.

We’ll also give you various tips that can assist you with enabling the CM to process the prototype quote you have submitted in an efficient manner.


The Different Parts of the Process of Submitting a PCB Prototype Quote

There are roughly three phrases when it comes to this type of quote process. They include Design Generation, Design Evaluation, and Quote Generation.


Design Generation

The manufacturer will receive the client’s data. They will then begin the process of designing the prototype as the first part of the process. Fabrication is not begun immediately. The design is drafted and drawn out. The draft design is then typically submitted to the client, who will voice their approval of the design or request changes made.

When the design is approved, the process begins of producing the main design. Manufacturers deliver the best results and designs when their customers have a clear vision of their product and are able to provide them with specific data regarding the project. The partner Contract Manufacturer should be communicated with clearly and directly so that you can resolve any issues and give them your suggestions and requests.


Design Evaluation

The second step of this process is design evaluation. A finished circuit board design means that the next thing to do will be to test it. Checking the design is important to discover its qualities. Different methods and approaches can be used to do so, from AVI to X-rays and more. This is also a good idea because if circuit boards have any flaws, you have the opportunity to inform the manufacturer and get them replaced. The goal of this phase is to look for any potential errors and to fix them through replacement before moving on to quote generation.


Quote Generation

How much the project will cost will be directly relevant to the final design that was created and take into account other factors such as how much testing and editing has had to be done. Following negotiations and discussing the amount, a primary quote is generated. The process is not direct and involves much negotiation and going back and forth between the parties. Eventually, a final quote will be agreed upon and will address any prior prototype errors.


How to Pick the Right PCB Prototype Service

The best type of quoting experience will result in both parties being satisfied. However, you want to pick the correct PCB Prototype service for you. In order to do that, you’re going to have some standards for what you’re looking for out of them.

Look into the background of every manufacturer you consider. Projects will require different printed circuit board prototypes that are designed by a specific prototype manufacturing company. Looking into their background is important before taking any business deals onboard or signing anything. The best approach is to zero in on such aspects of the company like their reputation, the quality of their work, customer reviews, reliability, honesty, authenticity, and the type of PCBs that they make. The last thing that you want to do is skip the check and find out that the company is fraudulent or does not exist.

You’ll also want to focus on communication. Does the company have a reputation for communicating well, or have multiple other parties had difficulty in dealing with them? Open and clear communication is what is most desirable when it comes to dealing with these companies. You’ll also want to make sure that they are on top of documents as these are important for deals to provide proof of steps with manufacturers.

Look for a manufacturer that creates quality products based on quality components. PCBs rely on the quality of material and how good the materials are has a direct effect on the success of the product and how well it would work. Ask manufacturers what components they use and look into their features and quality and be sure they’re telling the truth about their components and not lying. Also, get inventory information to compare project value with the market value.

You’ll want to get the best cost for the deal and that means getting the best quote for the company. Once you know the product’s quality, you can base your quote accordingly. Record details about every predicted cost and expense to get an estimate on what the order should cost. Lastly, evaluate the final board and review it to make sure that it meets the criteria you have set for it.


Final Thoughts

PCB prototype quotation is an involved process, but one worth taking on. Negotiations over quotes are to be expected. If you can find a good PCB manufacturer to work with, expect negotiations as you’re on the way to getting your ideal quote. Use the information given to you in this guide to start your search and sort through what company would be best to make a deal with.

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